A Destiny In

As I was reading 1 Samuel 19, something jumped out regarding David’s wife Michal. When we think of Michal we usually refer to her regarding her lack of enthusiasm regarding David’s praise after returning with the Ark of the Covenant. However, in 1 Samuel 19 it is depicted that Michal actually helped David escape a death sentence issued by her father Saul.

It says in vs. 12 that Michal let David down through a window. And he went, fled and escaped. This was an act of intercession(destiny intervention).

The Lord will reveal to us the plans of the enemy and it is our job to intercede through prayer so that our husbands, children etc. escape so that their destiny can be fulfilled. We can only visualize the strength that Michal needed to hold on to the rope so that David could escape. Prayer and faith take tremendous courage and strength but God has placed that strength inside of women to intercede at any given point in time, on the mountaintop and in the valley.

She then placed a disguise to trick the enemy. She took an image and put hair on its head and covered it with clothes. Prayer does two things: intercedes for the purpose of destiny and hides our husbands from the enemy. This just like David hides them from the enemy
giving them the time they need to be converted by the Holy Spirit and complete the mission God placed
in them before the foundation of the world.

When God sends warning stand in the gap so that God’s will for your husband can be completed . Wives must push past their negative emotions or feelings that they may have at the moment and remember that your dual citizenship(spiritual and natural) realm places you in a position to see past earthly mess, calling those things that be not as though they were giving the ability to transform chaos into destiny!

Pray your husband through the window of opportunity today, the rope you need to do it is the Word of God!