“Who told you were naked?”

In Genesis chapter 3 the fall of man is described. Adam and Eve had been given everything that pertained to their life. They were provided food to eat, shelter, entrepreneurship and the ability to act as God in the garden. They lived in what was supposed to be spiritual realm here on earth. They could name a thing and it was so, just as the word says on earth as it is in heaven.

The enemy deceived Eve into focusing on natural benefits things her eyes could see, taste and smell over her God given ability to have dominion over her life and things around her. Adam in turns follows Eve’s steps and sin enters this world as we know it.

In Genesis 3:11 – Adam and Eve have found out that they don’t have any clothes on, and Adam tells God that when God called him, he was afraid because he was naked. God replies with the following statement: “Who told you that you were naked?” What has happened is that because Adam and Eve have come out from under the covering of God and have exposed themselves to natural elements and they no longer see things the way they did prior to sin. In the beginning they saw everything as God saw everything. He created them to be just like Him, think like Him, walk like Him and speak like Him.

Jesus came to set us back in right standing with God so that we could again be like Him, think like Him, walk like Him and speak like Him. The abilities that Adam and Eve had before the fall were all spiritual with natural manifestations. Nakedness came into play when sin entered in and removed their spiritual sight and replaced them with natural sight.

I ask this question to believers: Who told you that God was never going to answer your prayers? Who told you that God does not handle impossible situations? Who told you that they were bigger than God and that you just must accept it? Who told you that you were going to die of cancer? Who told your marriage was over?Who told you that?

In whatever you are believing God for, you must get back under the spiritual umbrella that Adam and Eve walked in before the fall. They only reason that those questions are racing through your mind is because you have come out from under God’s covering – HIS WORD! Get back under the covering of “It is written…My marriage shall live and not die and declare the goodness of the Lord, “It is written…..this sickness (cancer, separation,etc.) is not unto death, “It is written…I am blessed to be a blessing.” The only reason you see your situation in the flesh is because you have come out from under the Spirit of God which basis all things on the Word of God.

Get back to your rightful position and declare what is rightfully yours! Jesus paid it all and repaired the relationship that the first Adam failed to get right. It is finished! You have the authority that the first Adam gave up. Walk in it; declare those things that be not as though they were today, in Jesus name, Amen!