The Stand – Why are they so mean to me?

I have seen many posts regarding the meanness and the nastiness of spouses and not understanding why they are acting like that. Why is he or she being so mean? What did I do?

If you have been called to stand you must understand that because of the God in you, you have BECOME AN ENEMY TO THE ENEMY.

The goal of the enemy is to get you so wrapped up in what is being said or done to you that you forget about your assignment which is to pray for the salvation and deliverance of the spouse that is being tormented by demonic forces.

I never loved you

The thought of you makes me sick

I should have never married you

The only reason I am with you is because of my children

The goal is to have you so broken down in your emotions that depression and despair swallows you up making you completely unable to operate in your weapon of spiritual warfare because now a root of bitterness has you anchored in defeat.

This is not easy to get around. We are human and we have emotions so we have to ask the Holy Spirit to help us!!!

When a man’s ways please the Lord , He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. Proverbs 16:7 NKJV

Lord make our enemies to be at peace with us.

Author: GAPP

I am an author and inspirational speaker. My new book are titled: "RESTORATION" and " God's Appointed Position in Prayer - Praying Wives Devotionals." Covenant is something that we must take seriously. God is a covenant God and everything he does is based on covenant. As wives we have a responsibility to God, to honor our marriages even when it seems others don't.

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